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Post by dancarreg on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:08 am

Ok I tried to post on here yesterday, so trying again just to see if it works.

As a tester my topic is a real one:
which team is the most successful in terms of attraction to fans?
On the face of it Cardiff "Blues" are but they are the capital city club with by far the biggest catchment, so they should be, shouldn't they?
for the last two seasons the Ospreys have had the largest season ticket base and look to be heading there again, indeed overall they have seriously vied with the "Blues" for the largest fan base.
But then can we honestly ignore the challenge of the "West is Best" club the Scarlets? not if we think about just how one eyed their fans can be. It does lead to genuine supporters cheering on their team come thick or thin.Fact is that they are presently in the process of FILLING four buses ( at the last count) for the Heineken trip to Paris in January, can another region boast that kind of commitment?
But when i look at the regions and their fans in the cold light.......... only one region stands out, the Dragons. Yes I know that they have the SMALLEST fan base, less than 5,000 season ticket holders and just over 5,000 average gates, but come on, with that kind of record don't you find it amazing that they can even muster that many. Their fans are completely used to seeing their team lose the big important games, indeed they are not now playing in the most important games, that to me, just getting that number is mind boggling.
That's why the Dragon's fans top the list for me.
Now, feel free to agree or not.

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